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IT Force isn’t your average IT company, we’re your family.

IT Force does more than the average IT company. Read more about us below.

Embracing Earth

We care about Mother Earth just as much as we do about our personal health! Because of that, IT Force is a very eco-friendly company. With us, you will never receive any printed materials such as invoices or marketing letters. We also recycle all used and donated devices.

TeamWork & Office Culture

One of the most important aspects of a company is that their employees are happy. We love to take care of our team members from company events, parties, team building exercises and a pet friendly environment!


Technology is always changing! To keep up with new tech trends, our team members are always undergoing new training and classes so that they are better prepared to take care of you, our valued clients!

Our Skills & Expertise

We strive to always hold ourselves to the highest standard possible when dealing with technology. Technology is an ever so important asset to any company or even to a home and you need the support to keep them running the way they were meant to be. We continue to always keep our expertise in all fields of technology so that when you come to us with any issue, we have the knowledge or resources to help!

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